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Accessories: Attire - Habits

Our VINTAGE HABITS were made for a particular lady "back in the day". Please inquire and include your actual measurements - chest, shoulder width, waist, and a measurement while seated from your natural waistline to the top of your right thigh to the end of your right knee.

Our CONSIGNED HABITS come in a variety of sizes.  Most of these are formal habits, with some less typical and costume habits in stock. The listing below is just a sampling - please send your size requirements to us so that we can check the inventory.

Heavy black wool twill (jacket, apron, false vest)
Jacket is a single-button cutaway, missing one button on left sleeve, all buttons marked CBH.  Real pockets under flaps, double vent, red collar, newer polyester lining.  No maker’s tag (likely removed with original lining), but of high-end tailoring that was well-maintained.  Loop above single button, missing matching hook. Sewn-in false vest with plain buttons.
Bust: 34”   waist: 31”   shoulder: 13”   neck to hem: 28.5”   sleeve: 23.5”
Apron is of same material as jacket.  Area where top of right boot rubs against the saddle is worn and darned.  Otherwise, like the jacket, this is from a high-end tailor and has been well-maintained.
waist: 25”   knee: 18”   drop: 27.5”


Midweight very dark navy wool twill habit (jacket, apron, false vest, breeches)
Jacket is a single-button cutaway with CBH buttons at front and sleeves.  Red collar, double vent.  Newer polyester lining with silk insert at center back.  No maker’s tag (likely removed with original lining), but high-end tailoring that has been well-maintained.
bust: 36”   waist: 32”   shoulder” 15”   neck to hem: 28.5”   sleeve: 22.5”
Apron is of same material as jacket.  Hem is weighted.  Area where boot top rubs against the saddle has a “polished” look, otherwise, like the jacket, this is from a high-end tailor and has been well-maintained.
waist: 28”   knee: 17”   drop: 28”
Breeches are slightly flared, of non-stretch material to match the habit.  They have been altered to add zippers at the waist and ankles.
waist: 28”   inseam: 24.5”   rise: 11.5”


HA1002 - consigned by Janet Brown
Child’s Victorian-style costume
Jacket is blue with pink and white lace, pink and gold cord, pink buttons, and pink piping.  Lots of snaps and safety pins for adjustment.  Home-made costume quality, not intended to be historically accurate.
bust: 24”   waist: 24”   neck to hem: 10.5”   sleeve: 16.5”
Skirt is full, not an apron, but could be modified for safety by opening a side seam.  Skirt has pink and gold cord at bottom edge to match jacket.
waist: 20”   waist to hem: 26.5”


Child’s Caldene navy wool habit (jacket, apron, vest)
Jacket is a 2-button cutaway with polyester lining, double vent, and real pockets with flaps.  2 buttons on each sleeve.  All buttons are black. As new condition.
Bust: 27”  waist: 28”  shoulder: 12.5”  neck to hem: 20”  sleeve: 18.5”
Apron is of same fabric as jacket, with a black cotton(?) lining.  4 black buttons on the side, 2 are post replacements of the 4-hole originals.  Button on hip to secure the apron while dismounted.  Elastic is overstretched at the stitching, but is still overall very stretchy.  Small tab sewn into waist to mark center front.  Bound waist, almost new condition (very slight wear marks in lining).
waist: 23.5”  knee: 16”  drop: 23.5”
Vest made by Elan is of appropriate yellow wool fabric with polyester back.  6 brass buttons, one of which is new, the other 5 show significant wear.  Neck has been taken in and trimmed, so cannot be released.  Lighter spot on left point, wool has overall light abrasion consistent with wear under a jacket, and lining has a few small scattered holes.  Real pockets.
bust: 30”   waist: 28”   neck to hem: 17.5”
Habit was dry cleaned prior to delivery to TSS.


Child’s unmarked very dark navy wool twill habit (jacket, apron, vest)
Jacket is a 2-button cutaway with double vent, no pockets, and 2 buttons on sleeve.  Blue polyester lining is in very good condition, but not original to jacket.  There are interior buttons for a false vest front, not included with this habit.  Very light wear, but blue stitching shows on vent flap and lower portion of the cutaway, where the hem has been taken up 2.5” with non-professional stitching.  This extra length can be released to return the jacket to its original length.  Sleeve vents have been opened and should be re-stitched prior to use.
bust: 32”   waist: 31”   shoulder: 14”   neck to hem: 23” (originally 25.5”)   sleeve: 20.5”
Apron is of same fabric as jacket, with a dark grey cotton(?) lining and bound waist.  No button to secure apron while dismounted.  Tab sewn into waist to mark center front.  Buttons have been moved from original position and could be moved to accommodate a larger waist.  Hook at waist is broken, buttons are not original and one is missing, foot elastic is completely stretched out.  Apron is otherwise in excellent condition.
waist: 25” (can expand to 27”)   knee: 16”   drop: 25.5”
Vest made by Belvoir is of heavy wool in appropriate yellow color, polyester back.  It has 5 brass buttons and tailor’s stitching details on pocket flaps and front edges. Lining has light stains. Habit fronts were originally longer (6 buttonholes) with a center point, but has been folded up and stitched in place to create a double point look.  Alteration can be reversed, but the sixth button is missing.  Vest is in good condition.
bust: 32”   waist: 29”   neck to hem: 16”
Habit was dry cleaned prior to delivery to TSS.


Child’s RJ Classics Tail Coat, vest points, and shirt (no apron)
Jacket is a black wool tail coat by RJ Classics with polyester lining.  Marked size 6R.  Double breasted with all buttons.  False vest points in appropriate yellow wool, single piece shaped with two points.  Excellent condition.
bust: 24”   waist: 24”   shoulder: 11.5”   neck to waist: 13.5”  sleeve: 16.5”
Shirt is white on white stripes made by Hyde Park by Miller’s.  In typical used show shirt condition with some stains on body and rust stains from an old hanger.  Ratcatcher collar, no plain stock band, all buttons present.  Marked size 6.
bust: 26”
Photos coming soon!
Child’s Sandon Saddlery navy wool twill habit (jacket, apron)
Jacket is a navy wool twill 2-button cutaway with black polyester lining.  Real pockets, 2 buttons on each sleeve (missing one button).  Overall in good used condition, but there is a stain down the front, as if the rider spilled a beverage.  Tagged 24”
bust: 24”   waist: 24”   shoulder: 12”   neck to hem: 20”   sleeve: 16.5”
Apron is a close match polyester or lightweight poly/wool blend twill with black polyester lining.  4 buttons (one broken) which have been moved from their original position.  The apron will likely give a better fit if returned to their original placing.  Foot elastic is entirely stretched out, no button to secure apron while dismounted, but there is a button at the inside knee to secure the wraparound while mounted.  Fabric is abraded where the upper calf lies against the saddle. Stain from jacket continues onto the apron, otherwise it is in good used condition.
waist: 27” (originally 23”)   knee: 18”   drop 29”
Photos coming soon!
Caldene navy heavy wool habit (jacket, apron)
Jacket is a navy 2-button cutaway of heavy wool with black polyester lining.  Double vent, real pockets, 2 buttons on sleeve.  Tag sized as 34” but a homemade wool “extender” stitched into the center front adds 2”.  This can be removed if desired.  Wear to finish of wool in the armpit consistent with light use was noted, and seams in the lining were stressed around the chest.  Otherwise the jacket is in excellent condition.
bust: 36” (originally 34”)  waist: 30”   shoulder: 15”  neck to hem: 27.5”   sleeve: 23”
Apron is of the same fabric as the jacket, with black cotton(?) lining.  The lining was opened at the hem to remove (wholly unneeded) weights and re-hemmed as a home repair.  Bound waist, 4 buttons plus a button to secure the apron while dismounted.  Tab sewn into waist to mark center front.  Buttons are at edge of apron, so there is no room for expansion.  There are two small (approx .25”) spots of insect damage at the right knee where it lies against the saddle.  Otherwise the apron is in excellent condition.
waist: 26.5”   knee: 17.5”   drop: 26”
Photos coming soon!
Child’s unmarked navy habit (jacket and apron)
Jacket is a 3-button cutaway of lightweight wool or a quality wool/poly blend twill with tan polyester (or possibly silk!) lining.  Real pockets at breast and in jacket skirt.  Buttonholes have been re-stitched and 2 buttons re-attached with blue thread brighter than the fabric.  There is a small deposit on the back of the right shoulder seam which should be easily cleanable.  Overall jacket is in very good condition.
breast: 26”   waist: 26”   shoulder: 10.5”   neck to hem: 12.5”   sleeve: 14.5”
Apron is of same fabric as jacket.  The wrap around the back and left hip are lined with the same material as the jacket lining, the rest of the apron is self-lined.  1.25” waistband, 4 buttons.  Hooks have deformed, elastic is nearly stretched out, and the buttonholes have been restitched as they were in the jacket.  Otherwise apron is in very good or excellent condition.
waist: 22”   knee: 11”   drop: 20”
Photos coming soon!

Black Bernard Weatherill habit
Gorgeous heavy blackcavalry twill wool cutaway jacket and matching apron in like-new condition.
Includes dressage style top hat (22.5") with veil, and knit rain gloves.

Coat sleeve 23", bust 35", shoulder 16", back length of coat 27"
Apron waist 30" with room to go bigger, waist to knee 19", drop 31"


The Side Saddlery's own Full Seat Side Saddle Breeches from Tropical Rider. Enduracool pull on breeches with full deerskin seat and additional deerskin on the outside of the right leg for grip against the saddle's safe! A microfiber and lycra blend that is cool, stretches with you, and wicks moisture away. This material is tuff stuff! Black or Navy. Also available in Brown, tan, green, burgundy, plum and carbon.

Sizes S, M, L, XL in regular or long. Allow 3-4 weeks for special order. These breeches tend to run large. $185.00

Contact The Side Saddlery

Visits to the shop can be arranged STRICTLY by appointment


Note: if sending pictures to us, PLEASE do not send any images larger than 1 mb. Our mailbox fills up fast!!



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